"In our search to obtain relief from the stresses of life, may we earnestly seek ways to simplify our lives. May we comply with the inspired counsel and direction the Lord has given us in the great plan of happiness. May we be worthy to have the companionship of the Holy Ghost and follow the guidance of the Spirit as we navigate this mortal journey. May we prepare ourselves to accomplish the ultimate purpose of this mortal test- to return and live with our Heavenly Father."

-L. Tom Perry

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Grateful for Family

This past week we were able to spend with my grandparents. They came down to visit us and my Uncle. It was so fun/nice to have them stay with us. Carly and Sam loved going out to the guesthouse everyday to spend time with them. I'm not going to lie, I LOVED having all the free time! We put my grandpa to work while he was here. He hooked up a new water heater to the guesthouse so they were able to have hot water, he fixed the shower in the guesthouse and some pipes. He fixed the railing on our back porch and some siding on our house. He was ready to do more but they ran out of time!

It's been great. Thanks to my Dad (who came in February) and Grandpa we've had a lot of projects get done within the past couple months. We are so grateful for all of the help.

f.y.i. This doesn't mean we put everyone to work who comes to visit. :)

This was the night before they left. We enjoyed one more round of smores and a fire.

All of the pictures below were taken on the property behind our house. We found a "Beber" Dam. (that's what the kids call it) It's pretty fun to go exploring, we've been finding a lot of cool things around our place.

Friday, March 25, 2011

backyard adventures....

We went for a ride down in the woods behind our house and I was surprised at how pretty it is! I had to pull my camera out snap a few (a ton!) of pictures.

As I was taking pictures Chad noticed this big guy floating in the river. We quickly rounded dolly up from the shoreline so we wouldn't have to watch our dog be attacked by the alligator.

Thursday we were able to take the afternoon and go for a ride on the boat. We let the kids out to play on the beach and they loved it!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

So, downloading pictures from my camera, I realized we really haven't been doing much around here lately. Nothing. Other than enjoying our warm weather and being outside. I'm not joking when I say my kids are outside ALL DAY! I can't believe it. I am loving it. When they aren't outside they found a new love for blocks. They actually play with them TOGETHER. That's right, I said TOGETHER. They build and build and build. Knock it down and then build again. It makes me want to go out and buy more blocks!

The other day the sky looked so amazing. The picture just doesn't do it justice.

The kids enjoying a boat ride.

I'm sad this picture is blurry. He fell asleep watching "fast cars" He gets so worn out playing outside all day (with no nap)

Friday, March 4, 2011


Carly thought her puppy needed to eat.

My kids are either fighting with eachother or getting and along and making a mess. I really think I'll take a mess over the fighting.

(not sure what was up with Carly's face)

I'm getting really excited to see everything start to pop up in the garden. I just hope they continue to keep growing so well!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

day dreaming.....

(I wish the above pictures were of my garden.

Lately I've been day dreaming alot! Maybe because of the gorgeous weather we've been having. I get to sit on my front porch and stare at my garden while my kids play. I know, exciting right? It's funny because I really couldn't be happier. Anyway.....as I'm sitting on my porch looking out across my yard I day dream of having this beautiful garden not only filled with fruits and veggies but decorated with pretty flowers. I have been having such a strong urge to grow flowers! I really think it's just because it's spring and I'm having so much fun watching my garden grow, but it's so much fun to think about. I have some seed catalogs and websites that I frequent a lot and I've been looking into all different types of flowers. There are so many I want to grow them all! I picture in my head my garden being a quiet little sanctuary that I can sit in and enjoy while nature grows all around me. (I know, I surprise myself sometimes with the thoughts I'm having) I know it'll take time to get it just the way I want and I probably won't start any flowers until late summer but it's fun to think about. Here are just a few that I've looked at so far!