"In our search to obtain relief from the stresses of life, may we earnestly seek ways to simplify our lives. May we comply with the inspired counsel and direction the Lord has given us in the great plan of happiness. May we be worthy to have the companionship of the Holy Ghost and follow the guidance of the Spirit as we navigate this mortal journey. May we prepare ourselves to accomplish the ultimate purpose of this mortal test- to return and live with our Heavenly Father."

-L. Tom Perry

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

some thoughts....

Here's my baby belly at 25 weeks.
*I have been feeling extremely well the past little while. It's been kind of weird. I'm actually enjoying being pregnant! Maybe it's a blessing because of the fact we had to wait for this little one to arrive. That's what I like to think. Other than minor issues like being tired all day or random bouts of nausea I have no complaints!
*I feel baby girl move all the time!! I love it! Except for the random moments when she kicks, or punches or head butts my bladder.
*Still haven't chosen a name yet. I was stressed about it for a while but than I realized we didn't have a name chosen for Sam till about a month before he was born. We have a couple we are deciding on, we might just wait till we see her to actually decide.
*I still have weird random moments where I don't think I'm having a girl. I know it's very possible that ultrasounds can be wrong. Our ultrasound lady was almost 100% it was a girl. And even I could see and tell it was a girl. But I still get random feelings (thoughts, fears...however you want to put it) that it's a little boy in there.
*I would be totally fine, happy and thrilled if it's a boy. I have just been preparing for a girl. All my projects would be in vain if this little one came out as a boy!
*I still don't really crave any one certain food. I have however become obsessed with crocheting! Can you crave crafts??
*I have been getting really exciting for this little one to arrive. I've started getting Carly's old clothes out and it gets me even more excited!

Here is a picture of what will become our little baby nook. It used to be where I had the kids coloring table and book and puzzles. However, the fact is. We won't have our addition done before this baby arrives and probably well after that so, we've had to improvise and really come to grips that we'll have three kids in a two bedroom house for probably (realistically) another year.
I admit. I was a little freaked. When we moved into this house we had been trying for a year to get pregnant. We knew we could deal with the two bedrooms with just Carly and Sam and we figured we'll just start saving for an addition (as soon as we bought the house) We did. We met our goal in savings but the addition plans we finally came to are going to be more than what we have saved. Plus, we were really surprised when we got pregnant which put us in a pickle. (although we were still hoping to get pregnant, I think after two years we kinda thought or felt it wasn't going to happen for a while)
Anywho....back to being freaked out. I've finally realized that it won't be so bad. The door in the right of the picture (by the lovely rock art piece on the wall...previous owners idea) is our bedroom. All we need to do is put a door in our kitchen doorway (which is behind me in the picture) and we'll have our own separate master/baby nook room.
It's not my ideal way of doing things but we could be way worse off and I needed to remind myself to be grateful.
My prayers were answered.
We got pregnant.
How could I be complaining about something so trivial, when in 1 or 2 years from now it won't even be an issue.
It will take some adjusting. I'm sure I'll get frustrated at times. But life is about changes and unexpected situations. You just have to learn to roll with it.
I absolutely LOVE where I live. I love our house (despite all it's weird features) I love our property. I wouldn't change it! So, if dealing with Chad and I and three kids squished in a two bedroom house for a while is what I have to do. Then I'll do it!

Sunday, January 22, 2012


So, this is not the best picture but A. We don't have many pictures of just us together and B. all our old pictures are on our old laptop which has a virus :(
Today marks the day of our marriage. Seven years have gone by! Even though we aren't together today to celebrate together I am still grateful for Chad and the fact that he is my best friend and husband!
I am extremely grateful for him and for ALL that he does for me and our family.
I am so glad that our paths crossed in life and that we were able to even meet, better yet we will be able to be with each other FOREVER!!

Friday, January 20, 2012

an update.

We haven't been up to much around here lately. We have been enjoying the nice weather we've been having. It's been so perfect! It's hard to believe that it's January. I'm sure we'll have another cold front come through, but for now, we are loving it!

The kids decided to "plant" sticks in the yard. And of course, Dolly was right along side them!

I finally decided to stop being a slacker and help my son know his alphabet. I attempted a little ABC time with him months ago, but then I got pregnant and sick and lazy.
He's been so excited to learn how to write the letters.

Dolly, she has definitely molded into our family real well. She's such a goofy, fun, good dog. She really is so well-behaved. Not sure how, because we didn't take much time to teach her obedience. oh well! She's become a sweet part of our family for sure!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Guesthouse, Sunbeams and 21 weeks!

My Christmas present from Chad was getting our guesthouse painted. He didn't tell me till Christmas day. So, when we got back home from our trip we came home to a much nicer, newer looking guesthouse!

The before picture is the bottom picture, just in case you couldn't tell.:)

(p.s. The couch was only on the porch for a couple hours)

Now all that is needed is a new porch and steps....

Sam's first day in PRIMARY!! I can't believe it! I really don't know when he got so old. He was super excited to go. I am the secretary in primary so it was fun for me to watch him and see how he did. He did awesome. He sat the whole time, sang the songs, and waved to me a couple times. He is one cute little Sunbeam!

21 Weeks


*I am SOOOO tired! I think you can tell just looking at my face. I don't know if it's catch up from the Holidays or what but I could seriously sleep all day. It's quite annoying to be tired constantly. I suppose this is just the beginning though.

*I have been feeling Baby move like crazy!

*I'm still not used to calling "Baby" a girl. I thought for sure we were having another boy.

*Still thinking of girl names. We have a list, now we just need to narrow it down to one.

*I have been feeling pretty great, other than the whole tired crap :)

*I am super excited for a girl. I find myself browsing Etsy for all the cute girl things out there to buy.

*I am even more excited to be able to pull out Carly's old clothes to use again!

*I am so glad that Carly is going to have a sister! I love my sister's so I'm glad she is going to have one!

*I don't have any cravings, other than when it's time to eat, then I feel like I could eat a whole cow!

*It still seems unreal that I'm pregnant and that in a short matter of months we'll have a new little one on our hands but I am so excited!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year!!

For New Years Eve we invited some friends over for some tinfoil dinner, smores and fireworks. It was so much fun (although I was dead tired by the end of the night!) The kids (mostly the big boys) had fun with the fireworks. It was a fun way to end a fun year!

( My third attempt at getting the photos the right direction, I give up!)

On the 29th we found out we are having another little girl. I must say I was surprised. I thought for sure I had another little guy floating around inside of me. I am super excited for another girl though. I can't wait to meet her! (since she wouldn't let us peek at her face!)

This year will be a good one! I am so grateful to be going into this new year knowing that we are adding one more crazy to our little family!!