"In our search to obtain relief from the stresses of life, may we earnestly seek ways to simplify our lives. May we comply with the inspired counsel and direction the Lord has given us in the great plan of happiness. May we be worthy to have the companionship of the Holy Ghost and follow the guidance of the Spirit as we navigate this mortal journey. May we prepare ourselves to accomplish the ultimate purpose of this mortal test- to return and live with our Heavenly Father."

-L. Tom Perry

Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas!

I cant even believe how long it's been since the last time I added to this blog. I'm not even sure why I still keep it. I figured instead of adding to facebook this time I'd give the blog some attention.
I'm not going to even try to catch up on everything I've missed since the last time I posted. I'll just start with where we are now.
Behold our house...I told Chad that next year I want to be borderline Griswold.  I think we are off to a good start.


Little Miss Elsa. She sure loves this dress and gets good use out of it.
One new thing about her is that if I don't answer when she yells "Mom!" she starts to yell "Danette!"

This little man has turned one recently and has basically become a completely different baby. He is still super happy most of the time but he now loves to go from one thing to the next destroying everything in his path.  His most recent discovery is the fact that he can now climb on things. 
Our traditional "Sunday before Christmas picture in front of our Christmas tree" I think it turned out pretty decent considering the fact we used a self timer, only took three pictures, and were trying to get out of the house by 7:50 to make it to 8:30 church.
I am so looking forward to 10:30 church in January!

I just love this time of year. I was so hoping that the sickness would stay away (since we've basically been battling one thing after another since September) Unfortunately that may not happen since Carly and Sam both were feeling yucky last night.
All I want for Christmas is my family to not be sick. (and for all my kids to sleep till 8:00) is that so much to ask for?!?
Merry Christmas ya'll!


Monday, August 18, 2014

old house, new look

It took the whole summer practically but our new porch is finally done! (The top is after, bottom is before.) A new front porch wasn't the first thing on our list to get done but after looking at the before picture I'm so glad we did it.  Our old porch was actually becoming quite the safety hazard after having multiple people almost fall through the railing we decided we should probably do something about it. We extended it all the way to the end of the new addition, we moved our front door to the middle of the bay window (which made it possible to make our master closet larger.) We also were able to add a large covered area on the porch (my dream was to have the whole front porch covered but it just wasn't possible.) We added a little walkway from the front porch around the house to the back porch. We also were able to add some landscaping, I've wanted landscaping since the day we moved here 4 years ago.  I am so amazed at what a difference it can make!

Annie decided to take Eli for a little stroll around the house. He actually thought it was quite funny.

We made it to nine months with this little man. It's actually flown by and been somewhat enjoyable because he is such an awesome baby!

Monday, May 19, 2014

6 months


This little man turned 6 months old on the 18th
He has been such a joy to our family. I am so grateful for his happy little personality. 
 -He is so easy to get a smile from him and he will smile at anyone really.
-He loves, loves, loves bath time.  I get soaked from all his splashing that he does.  You can just see the excitement on his face when he's in the water.
-He has the biggest head out of all my kids.
-He wears mostly 9 months clothes but he'll fit into some 12 month
-not sure of his weight, I take him to his doctor on Wednesday
-He loves most baby food that I have offered him.  He is still nursing and takes formula.
-He has only rolled from back to tummy once.  He wants to do it all the time he just doesn't have it quite down yet.
-His sleeping at night is still very random. Some nights he'll wake up twice, other nights it seems like he'll be up every hour.
-His naps are becoming more predictable.  He usually takes a quick snooze in the morning.  Then another nap after lunch and then one more around 4.  He is ready for bed by 730-8:00 at night.
-He loves to chew on his fingers.
- If he's not wearing socks he loves to play with his toes.
-He is still so stuffy in his nose. 
-He loves to watch the other kids play.
-He likes helping Chad mow the lawn.
Our family has been so blessed by this little guy.  He has been such an awesome baby. I couldn't have asked for a better caboose.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My two babies. I know this time in my life will be fleeting. I know I've done this before with Carly and Sam being so close in age as well but with these two it just seems so much more challenging. Possibly because I don't remember all the little details that I got stressed over when Carly and Sam were little. 
I love these two. I try to remind myself every day to enjoy this time in my life because before I know it these two will be off to school and I'll be left alone, as enticing as that sounds.
Most days I find myself just happy if I get dressed, in actual clothes and not sweats and a t-shirt. I consider it a good day when I'm able to keep the kitchen clean (forget about the rest of the house, that just doesn't happen)
I find myself going from one baby to the next (I think we all can agree that Annie is still a baby with needs almost as demanding as Eli) It's a struggle to find a balance between giving Eli the attention he needs and the attention that Annie desires. 
I hate the fact that I am grateful the other two are in school. I love them and miss them but it's a challenge for those couple hours after school until bedtime. I try not to just go through the motions. I try to connect and have real conversations with them but some days it just doesn't happen.  Some days I pick them up from the bus and then don't really see them until bedtime. 
Four kids has been a challenge to say the least but each day it gets better and easier. Each day I find myself being able to accomplish just one more task than the day before. 
I will miss these little faces one day. Just like I miss the little faces of Carly and Sam. In a way, it's kind of fun to be reliving what my life was a couple years ago. 
I am beyond grateful for the opportunity I have to be a mom to four awesome little kids. Each one so different from the other. Each one teaches me something different. 
I love this job (even if I get woken up every two hours during the night)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Eli 4 months

My baby is 4 months old today!
Eli is seriously the best baby. He has a few crying moments here and there but for the most part he is just so pleasant.  He is so smiley all the time. He even giggles when we change his clothes. It's the cutest thing! 
He still doesn't have the "sleeping through the night" thing down but we are working on that. 
His naps aren't really on a schedule either (which is so different than the other three) 
He is really into spitting bubbles right now and he found his voice and loves to jibber jabber.
Like I said, he loves to smile and your almost guaranteed a smile just by talking to him.
He is not too fond of laying down while he's awake. He wants to be able to sit up and watch everything. 
He seems to have a stuffy nose all of the time, not sure why.
He spits up the least out of all of my kids. It has been a nice change.
He LOVES bath time. He will go nuts kicking his legs and splashing water in his own face. 
I just can't get enough of his cute little face. I just want him to stay little just a little while longer. 

Here are some pictures of our ice storm we had a couple weeks ago.  I know it's nothing compared to the northern states but my kids got excited about all the icicles. I guess if they can't get snow then icicles will have to do. It was really pretty to see, although I'm glad it didn't last long :)

Sunday, February 23, 2014

recent happenings....

Annie's new thing right now is showers.  She LOVES to get in the shower or bath whenever possible. I had to snap this picture because it shows her super long lashes that I love so much!

Brothers. I love that they will grow up having each other :)

The other Sunday we headed out to Chad's parents. I had to snap this picture for obvious reasons. Just look how happy Oscar looks :)

These grandparents sure love ALL their grand kids.

I am so sad this picture turned out blurry. Chad was totally not expecting such a hug from his sister :)

Eli's new thing....sucking on his hands. I love it!

Annie spends her day roaming around our house seeing what new things she can get into.  She loves to get into the drawers in the kitchen to see what new toys she can play with. I think she was singing some sort of song in this picture.

With the weather warming up we've spent many afternoon outside letting this little girl explore to her hearts content.  

Love this tractor for many reasons. One of those reasons is my Grandpa. I will always think of him when I see this tractor. He spent many hours on this thing when he came to visit. It still is unreal that I won't see him on this tractor again but I am grateful for the memories that were made here.

She was trying to move the tree....

We have this cement trough near our barn that we've always talked about getting rid of but never really knew how. It constantly has water in it so we decided to add some goldfish to it. Now it's just become our outside fish tank.  Annie loves to walk over there to look at the fish.
Eli is slowly growing out of his newborn stage and loosing all his newborn looks. Before I know it he'll be crawling all over the place. I feel like I need/want to capture every second of his day since I know he's my last. I just want to freeze time for a while. He's growing out of being so sleepy during the day so I had to capture some pictures of him while I could. I just love watching babies sleep.  He is such a good and happy baby and every now and then he lets out the loudest chuckle while he is sleeping.  

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Carly's world

Here is another installment to my series of Carly's world. I gave her our small camera the other day when we took a walk to our mailbox. She loves taking pictures and as usual I found some pretty good ones.